Qponics is an agritech company based in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. The Company is applying the best available technologies to produce high-value nutraceutical and food supplements products and food protein from marine microalgae. These technologies are now integrated into the R&D-scale pilot algae farm, now upgraded to a small and largely automated commercial-scale facility, funded in part by Qponics’ $1 million CRC-P government grant. A video of the algae farm upgrade my be viewed below on this page.


Qponics has plans to build its large-scale commercial algae farm in northern coastal New South Wales, close to the Queensland border. This region has the perfect climate and plentiful affordable, flat agricultural land adjacent to clean tidal rivers perfect for farming marine microalgae.


We are excited at the prospect of entering the rapidly growing wholesale omega-3 essential oils market at a time in which the traditional marine animal sourced supply-chain is becoming constrained and uncertain as many fish species are in global decline.


Qponics is focused on the sustainable production of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) omega-3 oil, high-protein algal biomass and in the future many other high-value products from Australian strains of algae.  EPA and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3s are essential fatty acids not synthesised by the body.  Many neurological, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases may arise from diets low in EPA and DHA.


Breaking news:


Vale Geoff Wilson. With great sadness the Company reports the passing of founding director Geoff Wilson on 31 July 2020.


StartupSmart article 23 September 2019: “A drought-proof farm”: This algae farm is leading the charge in Australia’s plant-based protein revolution“.


Qponics media release 18 September 2019: “Algae farming targets billion dollar alternative meat market“.


10 September 2019: Australian-led mental health study finds EPA omega-3 supplements may assist in management of depression and ADHD.


Farming Marine Microalgae - Droughtproof Agriculture

Australia's semitropical coastal climate and clean tidal rivers offer perfect locations for the commercial production of marine microalgae in specialised outdoor farms without impacting on the availability of arable land and fresh water supplies.

Co-Production Principle of Algae Farming

Qponics is applying this principle to co-produce high-value EPA omega-3 to ensure farm profitability and lower-value high-protein biomass as the by-product from cultivating Nannochloropsis on its algae farm

Omega-3 Oils

Dietary intake of omega-3 oils is recognised to be beneficial in preventing or ameliorating an increasing number of medical disorders

Health Benefits

Conditions that that medical researchers have found may be prevented, delayed or treated by increasing the dietary intake of EPA and DHA.


Qponics publishes regular newsletters titled “The Good Oil”


Qponics latest Media Releases

Upgrade to the Pilot Algae Farm in Brisbane

The pilot algae farm at Pinjarra Hills in Brisbane has been upgraded by Qponics with the assistance of the Company’s AU$1million Cooperative Research Centres project grant. A video of the upgrade building process may be viewed at right. The upgraded algae farm includes automated harvesting of algae from the new 65m x 12m pond utilising state-of-the-art in-line ultrafiltration and centrifugation.

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