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Cultivation of Algae for Oils

Algae can take many forms, including seaweed (macro-algae) and kelp. For oil production micro-algae are used similar to those that commonly grow in aquariums, lakes, rivers and ponds. Micro-algae are efficient biological factories that consume carbon dioxide and nutrients and convert these into natural oils through photosynthesis.

Most petroleum products are composed of decomposed algae and burning of petroleum products releases the CO2 sequestered by these algae hundreds of millions of years ago.

Feeding Algae With Organic Process Water

Algae thrive in water rich in nutrients including phosphates, nitrates and other compounds in a manner similar in many respects to hydroponic plant production. Process water produced by industries such as aquaculture, hydroponics, breweries and distilleries is typically rich in organic nutrients. This process water may be used as a source of organic nutrients for algaeculture – the commercial growth of algae.


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